“Facebook Game Cheats has a loyal fan base that visits regularly and they are experts in online gaming. Since the ZBizO Team is looking for players to preregister while their site is in beta testing. What better way to help them out while giving our visitors the inside track? Who knows it may lead to a ZBizO game cheat site.” Said Jamie Abele founder and creator of the Facebook Game Cheats website.

ZBizO is a partner of an online video game company that just went to beta testing in August 2010. They boast a platform that offers a countless number of different video games that can be played against others for monetary rewards and prizes. There is no physical product to be obtained, stocked or shipped since this is entirely online. One can become a owner and develop a down line business, or simply play for free and have the opportunity to win cash and other prizes. It is reported that major corporations such as NASCAR, NFL, Fox Network, and Chase Manhattan Bank all have a hand in this phenomenon that is about to happen. This is also attracting the attention of major celebrities and professional athletes. They are expecting to have over 1,000,000 people join within the first 90 days. Given the popularity of video gaming, this number may not be unrealistic. Games are reported to include everything from fantasy sports, combat, skill, and even incorporate contests involving fashion and current reality tv shows.

ZBizO players who sign up for free during the pre-launch will be able to secure a better position on the rapidly growing roster of players. There is no cost to just play but if you are an organizer they have a business ownership program where you can make a percentage of the buy in on the pay to play games. For the player these games are where skill pays, players could actually earn a percentage of the total buy in amount by being a skilled gamer.

ZBizO is dedicated to be a partner in launching an online gaming business. ZBizO will provide a newbie with their own ZBizO business page to help them be successful. The best opportune time for starting your own online business is now. Prior to prelaunch pay nothing to sign up as a business owner with no obligation and test the water. See how many other business owners you can sign up prior to paying. If you can sign up 5 other qualifying owners before launch you will be paid $125. So it would only make since to pay the onetime $99.95 fee on the launch date to collect all and any profits in the future. Additional bonus if you sign up more than 5 qualifying business owners you would be paid $25 for each additional business owner. So don’t hesitate or waste any more time sing up now at www.ZBizO.com and sign up your 5 business owners now.