As I said in my review of WordPress 3.5 the most fun addition that the developers have decided to give us is a new media library interface for use when writing our blog posts. Nowadays when trying to get the readers interest images can be an easy way to keep their eyes on the writing and keep their interest in what you are actually saying. The key aim when writing blog posts or articles, or any kind of content for a site is to keep the reader interested and reading.

The media library’s new interface has been updated to create ease of use. You can now see the images you have updated easier and even scroll through them without having to load them page by page, which can slow things down especially on an internet connection that’s not behaving itself.

Using the Media Library with Images and Galleries

The first thing to do is to load up a post to add the image to. People who use WordPress will know this is easy and you don’t really need to be told how to do that. The next thing is to write your content in. Now decide where your image is going to be and click on “Add Media” which is on the top right of the text editor. The first thing you’ll see now is the media library and all of the images you have downloaded. To upload a new image click on “Upload Image” and simply grab the image you want and drop it onto the browser, WordPress will do the rest. Insert the image and there, it’s that simple.

To insert a gallery again find where you want it to go and click on Add Media, on the left hand side you’ll find some options for the library, one of them is to “Create Gallery” click on this. Again the images that you have in your Media Library will be shown, instead of being restricted to what images you can use this time you can simply click on the ones that you want to have in the gallery and then click on the button to create it. You’ll them be shown the images in the gallery and be given the option to add captions, and also drag and drop the order in which they will appear.

It’s been awhile since changes were made to the media library and it’s actually nice to see that WordPress have worked to make the upload of the images easier, the viewing of existing images and the creation of galleries easier. I can especially see the gallery setup being something that bloggers and web developers will like a lot more now.