Better late than never, Microsoft has finally unveiled its much awaited Windows 10 OS, but only for a select number of Lumia handsets. The release is without a doubt good news for developers who will have a chance to tinker around with the software to find out of any bugs in the new operating system.

Microsoft has also released a statement which warned users that the new software will be ridden with bugs and will not be the complete version of the software, as compared to those for PCs. In the statement, Microsoft also added that this has been the first time that the company has unveiled a preview of an OS for Windows phones. The reason for Microsoft’s sharing of the new OS with developers is so that the company can get feedback on some of the issues which need to be resolved in the new Windows 10 OS for mobile, which currently has quite a few rough edges.

After the release of the Windows 10 OS technical preview, users took to Twitter and other forums to moan that certain well-known features of Windows 8.1 were not included in 10. Microsoft has since released a statement which addressed the issue. According to them, some features of Windows 8.1, such as Cortana have not been included in the preview build. But, the OS has introduced some new features such as a more powerful photo application and an interactive notifications, and Action center. Microsoft is looking forward to receiving some useful feedback from the users on these features so that it can plug any problems in the operating system early on.

Those interested in trying out the new Windows 10 technical preview out on their Lumia handsets will need to have a Lumia set that runs on Windows 8.1 along with the preview app. You will then have to sign up for the new Microsoft Insider’s Program which only required the user’s Microsoft account credentials. According to insiders, the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows 10 OS for mobile devices closely resembles the desktop version and the Xbox One. Although the Windows 10 OS for mobile is still in its infancy, there are some good updates which are easily noticeable. Firstly, the settings menu seems to be much better and more responsive than the previous version. Also, users will now be able to sync their Window’s PCs and mobile devices, which is a great addition to the service.