Ask any normal user what the main differences are in the Desktop computer and the all in one PC, and I guess the majority will say that the latter is about saving space and improving on looks apart from which there’s hardly any other major differences. But if you were to ask the same question from a professional he would most probably say that not being able upgrade or customize makes the All in one PC less useful than the Desktop computer. So you see preference always depends on each person and the type of work he uses his computer for.

In terms of investment, a desktop computer is always the better of the two because for the price you pay, you get sufficient hard disc space and RAM and the ability to upgrade or customize which is something that cannot be done in an all in one PC. Therefore if you’re ever in the market for a new computer, ask yourself what you need it for and how much you can afford to pay for it while thinking in long term functionality before you decide which is best for your needs.

There’s no denying that the all in one PC, and especially the Apple iMac is great to look at with its sleek lines and beautiful LED screen. It also looks so neat and tidy when placed on a table where unlike the clumsy desktop computer there is no tower, and other components to occupy most of the space not to say the number of cables that have to be plugged in before you can get the thing working. People who walk into your room will no doubt admire your new PC but keep in mind that you have to work on it and therefore it’s up to you to make the best choice possible.

So ask yourself once again, should I buy the standard desktop computer with its various components or the all in one PC where everything has been built in to the monitor? To make it easy let’s count off the pros and cons of the two types and see where we stand. First the Desktop computer which does not pose any problems when something goes wrong because it’s easy to replace any defective component and almost any computer repairer can do it. If necessary you can upgrade it and it has a better airflow system because of the large tower while being much cheaper in price.

The all in one PC on the other hand is compact and you can save a lot of space and eliminate the need for cables if your home or office is Wi-Fi enabled. It’s cool and cute and there’ll be lots of admirers. On the downside however you will realize it’s not easily upgradeable due to the limited interior space. It will also not be easy to repair it because all the components are stuffed into that cramped space apart from which finding replacements will also not be easy. Furthermore, only the dealer or manufacturer will be able to repair your machine which will make it an expensive job and lastly, the all in one PC is far more expensive than any desktop computer or laptop you can find in the market.

So there you are. If you’re more interested in the appearance of your machine and have no problems with money, you will no doubt settle for the all in one PC but if you’re a serious computer user, you will no doubt go for a modern looking desktop computer each and every time.