During the iPad 2 event that was held in San Francisco, Apple also announced the upcoming iOS 4.3 for the iPhone 4 (AT&T and GSM models) and 3gs, iPad 1 and 2, and the iPod Touch 4th and 3rd gen. Apple also announced that it will be available for download [via iTunes] on March 11 (the same date of the iPad 2nd gen release).

Release notes after the break. Airplay Enhancements

Airplay is basically streaming music wirelessly from your iDevice to your Airplay Enabled Speakers, or Speakers connected via a router with an audio -in. It also allows iDevice users to stream movies/photos to their HDTV via an Apple TV. In addition to streaming music, movies, and photos, Airplay now allows your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running on either 4.2/4.3 to stream videos in your Photo app. So now with the latest 4.3 update, you can shoot a home video and instantly share it with everyone in the room. Airplay enabled apps and websites will be able to enjoy the benefits of Airplay with 4.3.

Safari Performance

Apple is also increasing the speed of the way you browse the internet using Safari by incorporating the new Nitro JavaScript engine. It runs Javascript up to 2x faster than in iOS 4.2 which means pages will load at an even faster speed and sites with lots of interactive features will load on your screen faster.

iTunes Home Sharing

With iTunes Home Sharing coming in iOS 4.3, you will be able to play your entire iTunes library from everywhere in your house. Both Mac and PC will able to stream music, movies and tv shows to an iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch on the same Wi-Fi network. You can also play a podcast or listen to an audiobook and there’s no syncing required!

iPad Slide Switch

Finally! With the new iOS 4.3 update, you can customize the function of the switch lock on your iPad to screen rotation lock or mute the volume. You can configure the slide switch in the settings app.

Personal Hotspot for the iPhone 4

With iOS 4.3, Personal Hotspot is now introduced into all GSM and AT&T iPhone 4 models. Personal Hotspot is a feature that allows your iPhone 4 to create a Wi-Fi hotspot (in other words to act as a router) using its 3G connection. iPad, other iPhone, iPod Touch, and PC & Mac users will be able to access your iPhone 4s 3G connection. You can also share your connection with up to 5 devices via bluetooth, and USB – 3 of those connections using Wi-Fi. Every connection is also password protected (encrypted). And its power-friendly too. Your iPhone will detect if the Hotspot is no longer in use, it turns it off and saves battery life.