A CPU is a central unit of any computing device (which a mobile phone as well is) carrying out instructions and orders performing elementary logical, arithmetic operations as well as data output and input operations. Any device can have more than one control unit. In this case it goes about multiprocessing. Most CPUs used by now in mobile devices are multiprocessors. When some integrated circuits contain multiple control units on a single chip then it goes about multi-core processors. The processor ensures power and endurance of the device, performance and operational capacity, flawless multitasking of the most power consuming apps as well as ultimate sustained peak performance. That is why choosing a new mobile phone a CPU is a core element deserving your attention outrunning camera, display, OS and other features predominating in the choice.

The top mobile brands equip their flagship phone models with extra powerful processors as HiSilicon Kirin910, MTK6592, Atom Z2580 and Qualcomm snapdragon 800. Lets us review top features of every mentioned processor and figure out which CPU will do best and will fit better your needs and growing demands.

HiSilicon Kirin910 is based on CPU ARM Cortex A9 using GPU Mali 450MP thus forming a quad-core unit. The processor reaches 1.6GHz maximum frequency. The device uses 28nm HPM technology. HiSilicon is a company started in China by Huawei to create and develop the most powerful CPUs for brand products. The Kirin 910 is in the heart of the leading device being Huawei Ascend Mate getting FHD 6.1” OGS screen, 13Mp camera (22mm wide aperture lens and 88 degree width of the angle), real street pedestrian navigator unit. To power up all these features ensuring smooth performance the processor of the device is coupled with 2Gb RAM.

Huawei Ascend Mate2

Another CPU used in top flagship phones is MTK6592 driving such devices as Huawei Honor 3X and Jiayu S2 (more MTK6592 smartphones). The MediaTek company positions this processor as a powerful octa-core unit featuring industry leading multimedia options and smooth connectivity thus reaching a perfect balance of power consumption and peak performance. Improved computational capabilities of the CPU ensure superior graphics and gaming experience. Advanced 28nm technology enables each of the cores to speed up to 2GHz. The 6592 device is coupled with 4-core graphics engine for ultimate gaming and HD video watching. The processor has enough power to ensure flawless multitasking of the devices running various tasks in several different cores. Huawei Honor 3X features 5.5” FHD IPS display, 8-core CPU tickling at 1.7GHz and powerful 13Mp camera with featured options for incredible quality of photo and video.

Huawei Honor 3X

Another popular device using MTK6592 is Jiayu S2 featuring 2Gb RAM added with 32Gb ROM, FHD 5.0” display, GPS and powerful cameras of 13Mp rear and 8Mp front ones.

Jiayu S2

Atom Z2580 powers up one of the most wanted mobile flagships being Lenovo K900. The advanced IA architecture CPU is double core added with Power VR SGX544 graphical engine creating more realistic imaging and ensuring all graphical applications smooth processing and running. The frequency of the CPU reaches 2GHz. The Lenovo phone is designed for the ultimate entertainment experience featuring large Full HD 5.5” display. To provide the easiest processing the device is powered with 1Gb RAM. 13MP camera with 1.8 aperture will add to the experience of smartphone using.

Lenovo K900

Qualcomm snapdragon 800 is considered to be the fastest quad-core mobile processor powering up the hottest devices as Xiaomi MI3. The processor is designed to incorporate more experience, advanced features and capabilities with 28nm HPm with maximum frequency of 2.3GHz per every core. The processor is added with 2Gb RAM. The Snapdragon processor is coupled with advanced Adreno 330GPU able to increase graphic performance up to 50%. The Xiaomi MI3 features Full HD IPS 5.0” display, powerful 13MP camera with Sony Exmor Sensor and 2.2 aperture. Other phones with Qualcomm snapdragon 800 processor you can watch here.

Xiaomi MI3

All of the mentioned above CPUs are powerful and durable enough for ultimate steady performance. All of the phones powered up with the fastest CPUs, prices and additional information you can find on http://flosmall.com/.