When using a blogging site like WordPress, or using it on your own site to manage content it’s possible to build up your own space on the internet with little to no knowledge of coding language used behind the pages. Sometimes though you’ll want to add or “embed” items onto your page that comes in a form that use actual code. There are add-ins that can offer this service, but to be fully in control how the object will be used on the page and in your post you need to know a little bit of HTML.

The good news though is you won’t actually have to know much, as the editor that is available on the WordPress system will actually let you use the visual editor for most things, you can even write the content in a word processor such as word, then just copy and paste the text into the editor (or using new functionality even add the post automatically through Word itself).

Adding Objects into WordPress Posts
The first thing to do is to actually create the content for the post and get the wording and formatting correct for that. Once you are happy with this then choose where you want the object to go, click on the “Text” tab at the top right of the editor, this is in fact the HTML editor. Examples of an “object” that can be placed into your post is a Youtube video. These are the simplest kind and can easily be added without little problems. One thing I like to do though is to center the video, this can be done by adding “<center>” around the video itself (and close it with “</center>”). You can move back into the visual editor and see that it’s placed fine.

Some objects work differently though and this is to do with how the editor itself handles the code. You’ll find for example if you add an iFrame embed into the editor then move from the html editor back to the visual the code is changed. The problem with this is that when you save the post then view the final result the iFrame itself won’t be showing. So the key here is that once you have placed the code using the HTML(text) editor save it then and don’t go back to the visual editor, you’ll find that the embedded object now shows fine. It’s safest to treat any embedded object in this way because of the restrictions with the editor.

The HTML(text) editor is a very useful tool for the blogger, and although you can create posts without ever having to use it, to make the most of what WordPress can do you should strive to at least know the basics of what HTML can do and even some CSS so that you can style images, paragraphs, headings etc. to fit what you want it to do.