3 Things To Remember If You Want To Unlock Facebook in Vietnam

1. You’re going to need a web based proxy service or a virtual private network. In the good ol’ days it was possible to change the “DNS Settings” of your internet connection to fool your Vietnamese ISP into allowing you access to Facebook. However, with recent events in Egypt and China, Vietnam has begun to crack down on some of these more “technical” tricks. As far as reliability and speed goes, proxies and VPNs are definitely the way to go.

2. Don’t pay more than $10 a month. For either of these services, $5-$10 dollars is pretty standard. Internet censorship in Vietnam is still in its infant stages for the time being, and there aren’t many sites that are blocked. In addition, many of the VPN and proxy sites are still available, unlike in China where many providers are getting their main sites shut down. Some services are charging a fortune to unlock Facebook in Vietnam, with promises of speed and extra security. Unless you’re transferring huge files and doing some sort of illegal activity online, a standard service will be sufficient.

3. Try it out first. I’ve tried many VPN services over the years, and every single one talks a big game about how fast and secure the are. Maybe in some areas this is true, but speed and connection reliability will vary from country to country, and server location does count. Free trials usually suck. They’re full of restrictions and don’t give you a real “feel” for how the service works. Get something with a money back guarantee. 7 to 30 days is pretty standard.

As far as proxies go, this is the proxy I’ve used to unlock Facebook in Vietnam. It’s called Dynamic Proxy It works like a charm and it’s only $6 a month. The main advantage of using a proxy is that you can use it on multiple devices (ie phone and laptop) as well as at work, school, and public computers. This is because there’s nothing to install and the secure link is accessed from your web browser.


For VPNs, I prefer Hide My Ass. This is because for one package, you can get a choice or PPTP, L2TP, or SSL/OpenVPN (recommended). Its $78 for a year of service which is cheaper than most VPN services out there. For this price you get thousands of IP addresses in multiple countries, including The US and The UK, which means you’ll also have access to Hulu, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer. The main advantage of having a VPN to unlock Facebook in Vietnam is that it will secure your whole computer, meaning that software and other programs you’re running will also have an IP address outside of Vietnam.