With the increasing use of smartphones and tablets, there is a greater need for mobile friendly websites. It is being predicted that the need for user-friendly websites will be on the rise. Increasing the mobility factor of websites is becoming the need of the hour. For the success of your website, it is important that it operates across various platforms. Tech savvy experts feel that a responsive website is ideal for search engine optimized digital marketing. With the availability of new website surfing devices, it is becoming important to build new websites which are more functional. This will offer users a seamless navigation experience.

Advantages of responsive web design
A responsive web design is a universal design which is programmed to run on different platforms. The greatest advantage of responsive web design is that you do not need to design separate websites for your PC, mobile or tablet. If search engine optimization is the core content of your digital marketing strategy, it is important that you come up with a mobile-friendly website. In 2014, it is being predicted that mobile sales will overtake the sales of desktops. Online purchases are predicted to increase through mobile-friendly websites. Companies which rely on search engine optimization are making the transition to mobile-friendly websites and responsive web design.

Managing data is easier
There are several reasons why responsive web design is the best choice for your mobile SEO strategy. One of the leading tech giants in the world feels that responsive web design is one of the best industry practices which a business can adopt. Sites built on responsive web design have one URL and same HTML which makes it easier for Google to crawl and index content. If these sites are compared to sites which have different URL and different HTML, responsive web design emerges as the winner. Google prefers responsive web design over others as it is easy for mobile users to interact with content which is on one page.

Offering good user experience

The greatest advantage of responsive web design is this that it offers a great user experience across many devices and different screen sizes. This will keep you in an advantageous position as it is impossible for you to predict the number of devices which searchers may make use of to access your site. If searchers are browsing with their mobile phones, they would be looking forward to the same user experience from the PC. A responsive website will allow the experience which a dedicated site will not.

A wise choice
Managing one site and one SEO campaign is much easier than handling multiple sites. This is one of the greatest advantages which a responsive site has over other mobile sites. With the help of responsive web design, you can handle SEO strategies in a better manner. In responsive web design JavaScript, CSS and CSS3 coding is used to create flexible web designs which can shift seamlessly across different devices and screen resolutions. In post Panda world, it has been seen that responsive web design sites have lower bounce rates. In the current scenario, a responsive web design is a wise choice.

Tweaking responsive web design
Web designers are trying to discover ways in which they can tweak a responsive site to meet mobile SEO needs. Touch-screen keys are being used in mobile phones and tablets where in very few cases the entire search phrases are typed. Thus, it is becoming important to use keywords which are shorter than normal. You must take into account the Google recommendations when developing keywords. Think about the users first and develop strategies which will help users to find information easily.