When Vietnam joined a list of other countries in 2020 that blocked or restricted access to Facebook, the country had more than one million users and Facebook itself had more than six million world-wide, making it the number one social networking site in the world. This caused a lot of discontent with not being able to chat or share data and photos amongst friends and relatives and people started trying to figure out ways to unblock Facebook in Vietnam.

Other Sites Were Also Affected

The government blocked the popular venue for social media due to alleged security concerns and the Internet “geeks” were immediately looking for ways to unblock Facebook in Vietnam. In the beginning stages of the block, customers were able to access and unblock Facebook in Vietnam through the use of changing settings in their computers called DNS settings or by using proxies which allowed them to change settings but the government soon found these loopholes and shut them down. They also blocked or restricted access to other popular sites such as YouTube and Twitter and restricted what bloggers could write in their postings.

When the other methods of trying to unblock Facebook in Vietnam stopped working, the users went searching for other ways to get their Internet fix of their favorite social networking sites. The answer turned out to be virtual private networks or VPNs.

Recommended VPN Services in Vietnam

VPNs help fans Unblock Facebook in Vietnam

Nowadays, in order to unblock Facebook in Vietnam, you must sign up through one of these VPN providers that are located in places like the US or the UK and don’t have the same restrictions that Vietnam has on Internet traffic. A VPN is a secure way of surfing the Internet anonymously that re-routes a person’s connection through servers in that country. This makes it possible to unblock Facebook in Vietnam easily just by having a subscription to their services. Customers of a VPN server get the benefits of being able to unblock Facebook in Vietnam because their Internet connect acts just like they were sitting in the UK or US instead of being in a country that is blocking their access. The VPN server provides them with an IP address from its own location, as well as a password so they can surf anonymously with no danger of detection. This is done for a small monthly fee of around $10 a month in most situations. Then, the user can happily unblock Facebook in Vietnam.

Recommended VPN Services in Vietnam


StrongVPN – The fastest, but also the most expensive

12VPN – Super easy to set up, and a great support team (great for newbies)

Hide My Ass – Huge number of VPN server locations and IP addresses *** best all around VPN