This technology is becoming a very vital part of everyday life for a lot of people.a touch screen is a device sensitive to touch wich can be interacted with by touching areas of the screen.this technology has been in existence for the past 25-30years,and now used in different aspects such as in home security systems,notebooks,smart phones,Gps receivers,and remote controls.

The earliest touch screen produced allowed users to press only one area at a time with the tip of the finger,and they were less accurate compared to today’s touch screens.with the advancement in touch screen technology,users are able to perform additional tasks,for example,swiping the finger across the screen and touching more than one area at a time.the iPhone touch enables it user’s to zoom pictures by placing two fingers close together on the screen ,and then gradually moving them to seperate dierection.the three types of touch screen used in the modern world of today includes surface wave,capacitive,and resistive touch screens.

Surface wave touch screen, relays ultrasonic wave across the touch screen.Clicking on the screen absorbs portions of the waves,wich then allows the touch screen controller to calculate the position wich the object touched the screen.Touch screens using this type of technology are the most advanced and quite expensive compared to the other two types of touch screen technology.ultrasonic waves that pass over the touch screen,makes it vulnerable for outside element to damage.

The second type of touch screen technology is the capacitive touch screen wich has a layer of materials that stores electricals charges coating the surface.a small amount of the electrical charge is conducted when a finger touch the screen,this then reduce the charge on the capacitive layer.Circuite sited at each corner of this type of touch screen measure the change in electrical charge.The circuits then relays this message to the touch sensitive screen controller.The controller now uses the message to calculate the position where the finger is touching the screen.Capacitive touch screens are not affected by items thaat do not conduct electricity,and are always of high quality.

The third type of touch screen is the resistive toch screen.this technology make use of metallic conductive and resistive lyer held apart by spacers covering the resistive touch screen.When a user touches the screen,the conductive and resistive layers connect in the location of the touch.An electronic current runs between the two layers,and the interruption in the current enables the screen controler to determine the actual position of the touch.this type of touch screen is more affordable compared to capacitive,but less clearer.

Other types of touch screen includes Optical touch screens,wich use cameras to detect objects close to the surface.another type is inreared touch screen,wich make use of light detectors at the edges of the touch screen to detect objects that break the beams of light travelling across the screen.

Touch screen have have increased productivity by allowing people to communicate with devices more faster than they can with a mouse or a key board.As technology advances,keyboard and mouse will go into extinction.