Buying a new TV now can be quite an exciting prospect. With HD and 3D the buzzwords companies strive to add more and more, turning the TV into an entertainment system with a stylish look to fit any living room.

The Toshiba 46YL863 is an example of the way companies are pushing a head. Fully HD with active shutter 3D this TV sits at the top of the new range of Toshiba’s TV choices. With connected Net integration and USB media playback it features all the modern day needs of a TV of this type.

As well as the Active Shutter 3D and entertaining features the TV also comes with full Freeview HD, this is a nice to have if there is no outside source for the HD input such as satellite or cable. The net portal built into built into the TV comes with both free and subscriptions options for viewing. BBC iPlayer and YouTube is also included but outside of the actual net portal which is strange. All it takes though is to choose these items from the main TV menu. It would seem much neater to have these items as part of the actual net portal though. As with many TVs of this type the USB functionality features playback for the popular file formats, but network playback is quite a weak option.

The design of the Toshiba 46YL863 is where it comes into its element. The chassis itself is designed by Jacob Jensen and this show in its stylish and up to date look that will fit any room you wish to watch the TV in. Its look looks fashionable and expensive which gives the overall package a nice finish.

The connections provided for this TV are exactly what are expected for a TV of this type. With four HDMI connecters, component input, PC and Scart it should fit all your connect ability needs. It also comes with two USB connections, with the option to set one for external recordings through an HDD this gives added functionality. There is also an Ethernet connector although this is not required if you have wireless internet as this has already been integrated into the TV. The remote control is easy to use and adequate for easily navigating the user interface to find everything you need.

The performance of the TV is another stand out aspect. The picture quality is very good, with Toshiba’s Resolution + booster enhancing the details seen on the screen. This gives a good crisp view even to normal SD content but the best can be seen in HD. Colour is also enhanced with the 1080P offering excellent quality, even if this is not always easy for LCD televisions.

The one thing that does let the Toshiba 46YL863 down though is the 3D quality which is average. For a TV that is top quality this is surprising and disappointing. The quality of the 3D comes across as average but is adequate so is not a big issue. It is worth noting though when 3D may be one of the selling points of such a TV.

Sitting squarely in the top of the range market for this type of TV it is definitely good quality and looks very stylish. With its slick design and easy to use interface it’s easy to get the most out of not only the TV itself but its internet and multimedia capabilities. With its adaptability and the ability to record on an exterior device it also shows that it can be upgraded, it’s just a shame that the 3D element weakens the enthusiasm just slightly.