Apple is one of the most celebrated companies today. Recently, the Apple store reached its much anticipated twenty five billionth download milestone. In other words, over twenty billion downloads have been made from this store. Apple then decided to produce a list of all the top five downloaded apps, including both the paid and free apps. Below is a list of the top 5 highly sold Apple Apps. From this list, you will notice that game apps are the most sold apps today.

This game was release in late 2009 and it now goes for only 0.99 dollars. The game is designed for iPhone but it is also compatible with iPad. This is one of the most popular game apps from Apple and it requires you to kill piggies with birds that you have fired from a slingshot. It has so many clever levels and difficult curves that you have to go through. The game starts with a beautiful day at the beach, and then the pigs show up. The angry birds have to rescue their eggs from the pigs and still have time to have fun in the sun. Each bird has unique powers and it is these that you need to use to destroy the piggies.

Though the game was designed for iPhone, it is also compatible with iPad. This 2010 game app can be accessed at an amazing price of 0.99 dollars. The game is available in numerous languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Russian and Korean among others. This makes it possible for people all over the world to access this amazing app. As can be depicted from its name, Fruit Ninja is an action game that allows you to enjoy hours of tasty destruction.

Like most Apple game apps, Doodle Jump was designed for iPhone, but it is also compatible with iPad. The 2009 game goes for only 0.99 dollars, which seems to be the standard rate for all Apple game apps. The app is a jumping game, which requires you to avoid aliens and UFOs. It is a fun way to do your math. The game has a unique style, and all the monsters and obstacles make it fun. The game has different outfits that you can jump in, all of which give you different abilities. Therefore, each time you put on a different outfit, you get a different jumping ability.

This amazing game app from Apple requires you to cut ropes. You need to cut the ropes so as to feed little monsters and people with candy. The more times you feed the little monster, the more stars you collect. It has numerous levels and colorful visuals, all of which add to the fun and outstanding nature of the game app.

Angry Birds Seasons seeks to take the captivating nature of the original game to a whole new level. In this app, the birds celebrate numerous festive seasons and the pig action is more intense than that in the original version.