When I asked myself what my most horrible gaming experience was, only one thing came to mind. My husband, my friends, and I decided to all play Rohan together when it released. Before I continue, let me just say that Rohan was lots of fun but it was an individual who ruined the game for me and not the game itself. This individual was the girlfriend of my husband’s friends that we will call Emma. At first, I thought Emma was pretty cool because I got to play with another girl instead of a bunch of boys. At this point, I had not met her in real life.

We were in the same guild and quested together. She also became competitive with me because she wanted to be the best gamer girl. I refused to play that game but she never managed to best me really. She continued to try and out do me. She did pass me in levels for a bit but she could not kill me when we pvped. After awhile I started to ignore her because her competitiveness was not healthy and was making me start to feel sour towards her. In other words, I had less fun when she was on.

Suddenly, Emma left our guild and joined a guild that we were at war with and who was losing to us badly. Basically, she ditched all her real life friends without an explanation and we felt a little pissed. Mostly because she did not explain herself but we would not have prevented her from leaving. But what came next would be worse than her just leaving.

Emma and some of her guildies killed us in game. She said she had no choice because she was with guildies and we are at war. That’s understandable but as we continued to play Emma always showed up where we farmed no matyer where we were. It happened all the time and then we got camped for hours. She seemed to be targetting me because if I was not on then there was not as much of an issue with Emma and her guild. I could no longer play those my main character. I did not want to work on another character because this main was wanted I worked on and was fun till now.

Finally, her boyfriend left our guild to join hers. He was tired of dying when he xped with us. Suprise, suprise, we did not get ganked all the time. I figured out that she was getting information from looking at her boyfriend’s screen to find out where we were hunting xp. The guild fell apart but I was still getting hunted and camped.

My husband and I quit playing and went to another game because we refused to let one individual have control over our enjoyment of gaming.

We did not talk to Emma in real life for a couple weeks because she went beyond just playing a game. One day, my husband told me about how Emma’s boyfriend showed up to apologize about what happened in the game and he accepted. When my husband looked out the window as his friend left, she could see Emma sitting in the car. Apparently, she was too afraid to face us that she had her husband apologize for her. Emma never did appologized to me but that’s history from years ago.

In case you are wondering, I was never able to form a friendship with her because her competitiveness with me continued in rl. I tried my best to be friends and help her but I said enough is enough and I cut her out of my life. I’ll be civil for other friends sake’s but no more than that. It’s surprising how a bad experience can make you grow.