I mentioned

the extent of my involvement with some ghosts over the course of a few days. During those three days I got kind of caught up in an ongoing drama and was unusually (and probably dangerously) open to spiritual influence. I could sense, hear clairaudiently, and communicate with telepathically a whole group of ghosts with an ease a bit above and beyond my normal capabilities. My normal abilities aren’t that spectacular.

I can’t vouch for any of this being universal in the ghost world, and I wouldn’t bet my life that any of it is even true. The ghosts I dealt with seemed to act almost like people in dreams. They followed their own brand of logic and it’s really hard to tell where strict rules ended and their own imaginations and peculiar logic began. Their world is STRANGE.

Anyway, here are some things that they told me. I can at least swear that this is all a hundred percent true according to my perception, and as the last story indicates these days of my life were the real deal and not some blip of mental illness.

1) If you die before the age of 21 you can assume a form of yourself anywhere from between your birth to age 21. If you die after 21 you can assume the form of yourself at any point in your natural life.

2) A ghost can keep track of a person and follow a person if it’s really dead set on it. Apparently — I swear I’m just repeating what I was told — a ghost is unable to follow you if you move if you are a teacher, lawyer, doctor, or clergyperson.

3) Ownership of a place of residence is important to ghosts. They only consider you an adult if you own your own place. I got the sense that if you rent then they consider this home ownership for their intents and purposes.

4) Names are also important to ghosts. This wasn’t said directly, but it took a while for any to reveal their real names (only the two that I was most involved with did explicitly), and it took any of them a long time before they called me by my real name and not a certain pet name they had for me.

5) Ghosts practice their own form of what basically amounts to spellcraft. It’s basic at one level but no less effective… they seem capable of making up relevant rituals off the cuff. They are extremely sensitive to psychic attacks (I had to use some at one point… I felt a bit remorseful afterwards when I learned how delicate ghosts are in this regard. They would have to be: my energy manipulation abilities are pretty fucking weaksauce). In general ghosts are just incredibly psychic.

6) Ghosts seem to have a keen and intelligent if somewhat anxious interest in the afterlife (apart from their own, of course). They are all in transit and will move on eventually and inevitably. Some seem afraid.

7) Ghosts seem to bind themselves to strange sets of rules, but seem to change them almost on a whim, like children at play. It’s probably much more likely that a whole lot of subtleties just went straight over my meaty material head.

Again I can’t say what of this is actually true. It’s hard to explain the difficulties involved in the communication of certain ideas with such beings. I got all the above information clearly, but through the lens of about the biggest culture gap possible. I can field any questions on the matter. I can’t promise to have answers but I can offer opinions and educated guesswork.