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Viral marketing

Online word of mouth advertising : Viral marketing is an online marketing (digital marketing) strategy that helps enhancing your brand awareness. It helps business organization to spread their message to the online visitors thereby enhancing your brand image. This internet marketing strategy works like word of mouth advertisement.

At Quantum Coders, our web marketers, specializes in viral campaigns that help you achieve brand success. Viral marketing involves marketing strategies that uses popular social networks to spread message of the marketer. Our digital or internet marketing team uses latest techniques to enhance your business popularity. Viral marketing / viral advertising helps business organizations to spread their brand message like wild fire.

However, viral marketing requires professional know how and relevant experience and then only a viral campaign could get success. Quantum Coders specializes in internet marketing strategies and could help your business gain more leads with viral marketing campaigns. Outsource online marketing job to us and you could focus on your hardcore business areas. We will take care of your online brand popularity.

Viral Marketing for increasing ROI : Online advertising or marketing at Quantum Coders is a sophisticated affair. We enhance the experience of your visitor using viral marketing techniques which help your business to enjoy solid returns on your investment (ROI). We create online videos, podcasts, short films, etc. for your business that help you brand yourself among masses.

Brand your business with Viral Marketing : We develop viral marketing campaign for your business that would be spread as a word of mouth by web traffic thereby helping your website / online business to earn huge popularity and of course, popular businesses do earn profits. Our viral campaigns work like online PR or public relations that promote your message as word of mouth in a stunning way. Social networking sites are the biggest hosts for viral marketing campaigns. These networking sites accumulate a lot of internet traffic and, hence could help your business enhance is brand awareness among millions of people.

Quantum Coders could help you design your viral marketing / viral advertising campaign from the scratch. We create online contests, product or brand message videos, applications, short and stunning films that would be sponsored by your brand on internet thereby helping firming and popularity of your business brand. We could also help you plan your brand inside and out, using viral marketing strategies.

Make your business brand immortal : Viral marketing campaigns that we design for you would ensure protecting your brand and nurturing it to accord it with other marketing activities that you have adopted to affirm your brand. Our viral marketing campaigns would help your brand become immortal. That’s true, brands never die but in the world of internet, it is very difficult to sustain for a long. However, with our viral marketing, you could continually remind your existence to the web traffic. We, at Quantum Coders, understand the importance of viral marketing and viral adverting and this is the reason we research a lot before initiating such campaigns. We first understand your business and then design a campaign for its record popularity and success. We develop a campaign that would help making a buzz (buzz marketing) which acts as a self propagating vehicle for your brand. Buzz marketing help creating a buzz among your audience and force them to visit your site and remember and popularize your brand.

Viral Marketing as an all-rounder online marketing tool : We integrate different online marketing techniques to design an all-rounder viral marketing campaign. We use social bookmarking (digg), social networking sites(Facebook, LinkedIn, Orkut), e-mailers, online video sharing websites (Youtube, etc.), public forums, blogs, contests, interesting banner advertisements, etc. to target your potential customers and let them spread a word for your brand.

How our viral marketing campaign would help you? 1. Build a brand message – help you prorogate brand awareness. 2. Drive excellent traffic- campaign would back link visitors to your site. 3. High ROI – campaign costs you a low initial investment but provide high returns. Helping you achieve long term benefits.4. Become popular among masses- viral marketing is continues process of spreading message and, hence would help you gain brand popularity among masses.

Whеn Less Is Morе

Clеаn Your Disk Drivе of Unnеcessаry Files аnd Your Computer’s Pеrformаncе Will Improve.

Computer Speed

Whеn it comеs to mаintаining your computer, you’vе probаbly hеаrd it аll bеforе. “Run Dеfrаg!” “Scаn Your Disk for Errors!” Although thеsе two аctivitiеs аrе importаnt, thеrе’s morе you cаn do to еxtеnd thе lifе of your computer bеyond todаy’s prеdictеd two-yеаr spаn. In fаct, by following thе simplе аdvicе bеlow, you cаn еnjoy thе usе of your computer to up to fivе yеаrs or morе – rеsеrving еxpеnsеs to simplе softwаrе upgrаdеs rаthеr thеn complеtе аnd costly hаrdwаrе upgrаdеs.

Onе of thе еаsiеst аnd lеаst еxpеnsivе things you cаn do to еxtеnd thе lifе of your computer is to gеt rid of unnеcessаry programs, foldеrs, аnd files. A disk drivе thаt’s cloggеd with unnеcessаry аnd unusеd files is disk drivе thаt works hаrdеr thаn it hаs to. Although Window’s dеfrаg systеm cаn еаsе somе of thе stress thаt thеsе files plаcе onto thе drivе, it doеsn’t do much to gеt rid of thе problеm in thе first plаcе. This is bеcаusе thе dеfrаg progrаm simply orgаnizеs thе files in а systеm thаt mаkеs it еаsiеr for thе computer to аccess. (Thus cutting down on thе work rеquirеd to find аnd loаd thеm). But this mеthod mеrеly “rеliеvеs” thе symptoms thаt thеsе files inducе – it doеsn’t аttаck thе cаusе. Thеsе files nееd to bе dеlеtеd – not “orgаnizеd!”

Of coursе, dеlеting files cаn bе а scаry аdvеnturе to most usеrs. Most computer usеrs don’t know which files аrе sаfе to dеlеtе аnd which аrеn’t.

Thе worst thing аnyonе could do is snoop аround cruciаl Window dirеctoriеs аnd hаphаzаrdly dеlеtе files thаt don’t look fаmiliаr. Doing so could rеndеr importаnt programs inopеrаblе, corrupt thе Windows opеrаting systеm, аnd possibly prеvеnt thе computer from еvеn stаrting. Thаt’s why using spеciаl dеlеtion softwаrе is so importаnt. Dеlеtion programs will аnаlyzе а computer’s opеrаting systеm аnd instаllеd programs to dеterminе which files аrе cruciаl to computer function vеrsus which files аrе sаfе to dеlеtе.

You аlrеаdy hаvе such а progrаm on your computer аnd it’s Windows’ Add/Rеmovе Programs (аvаilаblе from thе Control Pаnеl). This softwаrе will аssist you with dеlеting programs thаt you not only no longеr wаnt, but аdditionаl files thаt thеsе progrаm usе аs wеll (dynаmic link librаriеs, dаtаbаsе files, rеgistry rеfеrеncеs, shortcut icons, еtc.).

But somеtimеs Windows’ Add/Rеmovе Programs isn’t еnough. Although this softwаrе doеs а prеtty good job of rеmoving unwаntеd programs, it cаn lеаvе somе files bеhind еvеn аfter а complеtе uninstаll – files which bеcomе orphаn files. And it’s thеsе orphаn files thаt cаn rеаlly clutter up а hаrd drivе аnd shortеn thе lifе of аn othеrwisе, young аnd robust PC.

Orphаns аrе usuаlly files thаt contаin tеmporаry dаtа crеаtеd by а progrаm, files crеаtеd by thе usеr, pаrtiаl files lеft ovеr from а computer crаsh, or аny othеr kind of miscеllаnеous files crеаtеd for аlmost аny othеr rеаson. Thе problеm is thаt аn uninstаll progrаm doеsn’t dеlеtе thе orphаn files it lеаvеs bеhind bеcаusе thеy wеrе nеvеr pаrt of thе progrаm whеn it wаs first instаllеd. An uninstаll progrаm cаn rеmovе only thе files it plаcеd onto а hаrd drivе during its instаll routinе.

So while Windows’ Add/Rеmovе Programs cаn rеmovе аn еntirе progrаm, you’ll nееd to gеt rid of thosе pеsky littlе things with а morе аdvаncе file clеаnеr likе ClеаnSwееp for еxаmplе. ClеаnSwееp is а uniquе progrаm thаt will spеcificаlly sееk out files thаt аrе no longеr аssociаtеd with а progrаm, аnd thеn аsk if you wаnt to dеlеtе thеm.

Thе only timе thаt you wouldn’t wаnt to dеlеtе аn orphаn file is if thе file wеrе аn аctuаl documеnt thаt you crеаtеd bеforе dеlеting а progrаm. If you wеrе to sаy, uninstаll Microsoft Word, аll thе documеnts thаt you crеаtеd with Word would thеn turn into orphаn files. Or if you wеrе to uninstаll а grаphics-еditing progrаm, аll thе picturеs you mаdе with thе progrаm would bеcomе orphаn files.

Thе smart thing to do whеn you don’t wаnt to losе thе dаtа thаt you crеаtеd with аn unwаntеd progrаm is to:

1. Sаvе or convеrt your documеnts to а format thаt will work with diffеrеnt progrаm first (thаt is, а progrаm thаt you intеnd to kееp) 2. Archivе thеm onto а floppy disk, flаsh drivе, or CD-ROM 3. Procееd with а progrаm likе ClеаnSwееp.

Using ClеаnSwееp or аny othеr similаr typе of utility could dеlеtе аnywhеrе from less thаn а mеgаbytе of hаrd drivе spаcе to ovеr fivе mеgаbytеs аnd up. Thаt mаy sееm likе а smаll аmount of “clog mаteriаl” to you, but to your computer, it’s а lot less to process!

Ubuntu as Mom’s Operating System

A lot of tech-savvy indivuals face the same dilema: their parents, who aren’t so tech-savvy, count on them to provide constant technical support for their Mom & Dad PC. This can become an incredible burden in a Windows world, where the dangers of spyware, viruses, and total system meltdown loom large. I’ve found that the best solution to the problem is not to load up the parents’ PC with antivirus or malware protection, but to ditch Windows altogether and go with a clean Ubuntu approach.

Here are seven reasons why an Ubuntu-based machine makes the best Mom & Dad PC:

1. The software is free

Instead of having to pay for an additional copy of Windows, Ubuntu is a free download. Additionally, Ubuntu’s software center has lots of free applications that are of a high enough quality to meet the needs of mom and dad. Using an Ubuntu solution with Open Office easily saves several hundred dollars worth of software licenses when compared to an equivelant Microsoft solution.

2. The hardware is low-cost

On top of the free software, the system requirements for Ubuntu are minimal. I setup my parents on a low-cost Atom-based nettop which cost about $300 to build, complete with a solid 1.6GHz processor, 2GB of RAM, and a 300GB hard disk. Obviously this system is going to win any gaming competitions, but for the solitare that mom likes to play, and the news sites that dad likes to surf, it’s got plenty of power.

3. It’s low maintenance

A Windows-based machine would require monthly patching and rebooting, virus protection, malware scanners, and a host of other meta-applications, just to keep the system running smoothly. With Ubuntu, I simply setup automatic updates to run once a week, and I’ve completely forgotten about it since then. Every once and a while I’ll login to the system and run a quick “apt-get dist-upgrade” just to make sure I haven’t missed anything important. And I don’t have to worry about viruses or malware at all.

4. Remote Assistance

In the case that something does go wrong, it’s a lot easier to troubleshoot the problem when I can just SSH in remotely (using X11 forwarding if necessary), find the problem, and fix it; no talking Mom through how to readjust the screen resolution when I can do it myself in a fraction of the time. And SSH means that I can solve any technical problems from anywhere.

5. They can’t mess anything up — too badly

Although it is possible for me to fix things remotely, I almost never have to. That’s because Mom and Dad have their own, non-privilaged user account. It is an easy way to rest assured that they can’t mess anything up too badly — even if they somehow manage to destroy their individual account, the reset switch is as easy as creating a new user (I’ve never had to do this). Compare this to Windows, where the norm is to run as Administrator, and the reset swith is a format and clean install.

6. It gets the job done

If you have a mother that plays WOW or does CAD, maybe an Ubuntu-based PC isn’t right for them. But if that’s the case, they probably know enough about computers that you don’t need to hold their hand through all their minor technology troubles. But, if your parents, like mine, simply want to check their email, play card games, and surf the net, then Ubuntu will get the job done without getting in the way. Whereas any Windows machine is guaranteed to become loaded up with all sorts of extensions, additional programs, and malware just by the act of putting Dad on the internet, you can be sure this won’t happen with Ubuntu.

7. It’s easier for YOU!

And ultimately, that’s why Ubuntu makes for the best parent PC. Because the parents don’t really care what their OS is, as long as they can do the things they want to do with it, whether it be Linux, Windows, or Mac. But by chosing Ubuntu, you’ve simplified your own life by removing the need to provide constant technical support. And, if something eventually does happen, you know it will be less of a headache to resolve the problem than if you had gone with an alternative solution.

What CPU use Top Chinese mobile brands in their Flagship phones

A CPU is a central unit of any computing device (which a mobile phone as well is) carrying out instructions and orders performing elementary logical, arithmetic operations as well as data output and input operations. Any device can have more than one control unit. In this case it goes about multiprocessing. Most CPUs used by now in mobile devices are multiprocessors. When some integrated circuits contain multiple control units on a single chip then it goes about multi-core processors. The processor ensures power and endurance of the device, performance and operational capacity, flawless multitasking of the most power consuming apps as well as ultimate sustained peak performance. That is why choosing a new mobile phone a CPU is a core element deserving your attention outrunning camera, display, OS and other features predominating in the choice.

The top mobile brands equip their flagship phone models with extra powerful processors as HiSilicon Kirin910, MTK6592, Atom Z2580 and Qualcomm snapdragon 800. Lets us review top features of every mentioned processor and figure out which CPU will do best and will fit better your needs and growing demands.

HiSilicon Kirin910 is based on CPU ARM Cortex A9 using GPU Mali 450MP thus forming a quad-core unit. The processor reaches 1.6GHz maximum frequency. The device uses 28nm HPM technology. HiSilicon is a company started in China by Huawei to create and develop the most powerful CPUs for brand products. The Kirin 910 is in the heart of the leading device being Huawei Ascend Mate getting FHD 6.1” OGS screen, 13Mp camera (22mm wide aperture lens and 88 degree width of the angle), real street pedestrian navigator unit. To power up all these features ensuring smooth performance the processor of the device is coupled with 2Gb RAM.

Huawei Ascend Mate2

Another CPU used in top flagship phones is MTK6592 driving such devices as Huawei Honor 3X and Jiayu S2 (more MTK6592 smartphones). The MediaTek company positions this processor as a powerful octa-core unit featuring industry leading multimedia options and smooth connectivity thus reaching a perfect balance of power consumption and peak performance. Improved computational capabilities of the CPU ensure superior graphics and gaming experience. Advanced 28nm technology enables each of the cores to speed up to 2GHz. The 6592 device is coupled with 4-core graphics engine for ultimate gaming and HD video watching. The processor has enough power to ensure flawless multitasking of the devices running various tasks in several different cores. Huawei Honor 3X features 5.5” FHD IPS display, 8-core CPU tickling at 1.7GHz and powerful 13Mp camera with featured options for incredible quality of photo and video.

Huawei Honor 3X

Another popular device using MTK6592 is Jiayu S2 featuring 2Gb RAM added with 32Gb ROM, FHD 5.0” display, GPS and powerful cameras of 13Mp rear and 8Mp front ones.

Jiayu S2

Atom Z2580 powers up one of the most wanted mobile flagships being Lenovo K900. The advanced IA architecture CPU is double core added with Power VR SGX544 graphical engine creating more realistic imaging and ensuring all graphical applications smooth processing and running. The frequency of the CPU reaches 2GHz. The Lenovo phone is designed for the ultimate entertainment experience featuring large Full HD 5.5” display. To provide the easiest processing the device is powered with 1Gb RAM. 13MP camera with 1.8 aperture will add to the experience of smartphone using.

Lenovo K900

Qualcomm snapdragon 800 is considered to be the fastest quad-core mobile processor powering up the hottest devices as Xiaomi MI3. The processor is designed to incorporate more experience, advanced features and capabilities with 28nm HPm with maximum frequency of 2.3GHz per every core. The processor is added with 2Gb RAM. The Snapdragon processor is coupled with advanced Adreno 330GPU able to increase graphic performance up to 50%. The Xiaomi MI3 features Full HD IPS 5.0” display, powerful 13MP camera with Sony Exmor Sensor and 2.2 aperture. Other phones with Qualcomm snapdragon 800 processor you can watch here.

Xiaomi MI3

All of the mentioned above CPUs are powerful and durable enough for ultimate steady performance. All of the phones powered up with the fastest CPUs, prices and additional information you can find on

VTech InnoTab 3 tablet for kids

Little ones pick up from their moms and dads by example, so the old “do as I say, and not as I do” explaining does not use right here. Actually, living out such a principle might show to be extremely harmful to your little ones as they grow up in the years in advance. Children that see their parents hold a tablet computer around as well, intend to have a tablet computer that they could call their own. The thing is, children are not the most tech intelligent bunch of individuals around, and neither can you ensure that they are the most mindful tablet computer users, too. If just there was a business that presented tablets which target merely little ones alone, and VTech steps in to pack this gap in the form of the InnoTab 3 tablet for kids.

Obviously, with a label like the InnoTab 3, you could be certain that there were innovators before this, and it will continue where the well-liked InnoTab 2S left off. In fact, the InnoTab 2S could be claimed to be one of the initial kids’s discovering tablet computers geared up with with Wi-Fi connectivity, and the InnoTab 3 will have the ability to stuff rather a powerful type a compact dimension and a price that moms and dads would certainly not flinch at, making it the excellent first learning tablet computer for your kids. InnoTab 3 will have the ability to introduce children to a globe of age-appropriate educational material many thanks to VTech’s detailed application outlet called the Knowing Lodge. How apt! With the Knowing Lodge, one can explore hundreds of games, e-books, video clips, and popular music among others.

Hardware specs of the VTech InnoTab 3 consist of a 4.3″ touchscreen display, a brand-new directional pad and tilt sensing unit, a 2-megapixel, 180 ° spinning camera with over 55 image functions and unique effects, a quartet of different media users (e-book reader, MP3 music player, photo audience and online video user), 2GB of interior memory that can be further increased using a microSD memory card slot, an e-book, “What’s that Sound?” right from the box, as well as free downloadable desktop computer motifs too. The InnoTab 3 will retail for $69.99 a pop when it is offered.

Windows 10 Technical Preview Finally Unveiled

Better late than never, Microsoft has finally unveiled its much awaited Windows 10 OS, but only for a select number of Lumia handsets. The release is without a doubt good news for developers who will have a chance to tinker around with the software to find out of any bugs in the new operating system.

Microsoft has also released a statement which warned users that the new software will be ridden with bugs and will not be the complete version of the software, as compared to those for PCs. In the statement, Microsoft also added that this has been the first time that the company has unveiled a preview of an OS for Windows phones. The reason for Microsoft’s sharing of the new OS with developers is so that the company can get feedback on some of the issues which need to be resolved in the new Windows 10 OS for mobile, which currently has quite a few rough edges.

After the release of the Windows 10 OS technical preview, users took to Twitter and other forums to moan that certain well-known features of Windows 8.1 were not included in 10. Microsoft has since released a statement which addressed the issue. According to them, some features of Windows 8.1, such as Cortana have not been included in the preview build. But, the OS has introduced some new features such as a more powerful photo application and an interactive notifications, and Action center. Microsoft is looking forward to receiving some useful feedback from the users on these features so that it can plug any problems in the operating system early on.

Those interested in trying out the new Windows 10 technical preview out on their Lumia handsets will need to have a Lumia set that runs on Windows 8.1 along with the preview app. You will then have to sign up for the new Microsoft Insider’s Program which only required the user’s Microsoft account credentials. According to insiders, the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows 10 OS for mobile devices closely resembles the desktop version and the Xbox One. Although the Windows 10 OS for mobile is still in its infancy, there are some good updates which are easily noticeable. Firstly, the settings menu seems to be much better and more responsive than the previous version. Also, users will now be able to sync their Window’s PCs and mobile devices, which is a great addition to the service.

Unblock Facebook In Vietnam

When Vietnam joined a list of other countries in 2020 that blocked or restricted access to Facebook, the country had more than one million users and Facebook itself had more than six million world-wide, making it the number one social networking site in the world. This caused a lot of discontent with not being able to chat or share data and photos amongst friends and relatives and people started trying to figure out ways to unblock Facebook in Vietnam.

Other Sites Were Also Affected

The government blocked the popular venue for social media due to alleged security concerns and the Internet “geeks” were immediately looking for ways to unblock Facebook in Vietnam. In the beginning stages of the block, customers were able to access and unblock Facebook in Vietnam through the use of changing settings in their computers called DNS settings or by using proxies which allowed them to change settings but the government soon found these loopholes and shut them down. They also blocked or restricted access to other popular sites such as YouTube and Twitter and restricted what bloggers could write in their postings.

When the other methods of trying to unblock Facebook in Vietnam stopped working, the users went searching for other ways to get their Internet fix of their favorite social networking sites. The answer turned out to be virtual private networks or VPNs.

Recommended VPN Services in Vietnam

VPNs help fans Unblock Facebook in Vietnam

Nowadays, in order to unblock Facebook in Vietnam, you must sign up through one of these VPN providers that are located in places like the US or the UK and don’t have the same restrictions that Vietnam has on Internet traffic. A VPN is a secure way of surfing the Internet anonymously that re-routes a person’s connection through servers in that country. This makes it possible to unblock Facebook in Vietnam easily just by having a subscription to their services. Customers of a VPN server get the benefits of being able to unblock Facebook in Vietnam because their Internet connect acts just like they were sitting in the UK or US instead of being in a country that is blocking their access. The VPN server provides them with an IP address from its own location, as well as a password so they can surf anonymously with no danger of detection. This is done for a small monthly fee of around $10 a month in most situations. Then, the user can happily unblock Facebook in Vietnam.

Recommended VPN Services in Vietnam


StrongVPN – The fastest, but also the most expensive

12VPN – Super easy to set up, and a great support team (great for newbies)

Hide My Ass – Huge number of VPN server locations and IP addresses *** best all around VPN

VW Presence

A reflection of someone watching was present in the chrome hubcaps of the VW Bus. Someone was peering through the windows atop, then at a quick glance to catch the peeper, no one was there, with the exception of the miniature Hawaiian dancer that remained stationery up front. I’m at the notorious Whaley House, shooting photographs of Joe Passalacqua’s 1963 VW Bus parked right outside of this historical landmark. I was warned by the bikers lounging at the sombrero shop regarding this part of Old Town, and the only strange thing that I saw, was the metallic green with gold pearl VW Bus, and blown rat-rods, cramping the antiquities of the ominous Greek revival style home. 1963 VW 23-Window Bus (Deluxe)

The curator of the house came outside, and she didn’t look happy, but who would be, being dressed in heavy 1800s Victorian garb and granny boots, this humid summer day. Her three blonde kids stayed up top by the white butterfly doors.

“That spot was where they use to hang criminals, and its haunted!” whispered Patricia Petersen.

This humid September 6th day was the Fiesta de Kustom Kulture fair on the streets of Old Town. Many custom rats and hogs lined up on the street from the Old Town signage, down three blocks towards the stage barricaded with gear-head trophies. The eye candy at this venue was plentiful, but the surrealism in front of San Diego’s eeriest homestead (circa 1856), was what possessed me to probe about.

Petersen checking out the blower on top of the rat-rod in front of Joe’s VW Joe was a Vietnam Veteran who served with the 1st Marines south of the DMZ, and being parked at this location didn’t scare him one bit. “A middle-aged woman was here, sitting on that wall (the 2 foot brick wall behind him) talking to somebody,” Joe said “…… and she just walked around the corner.” A sudden case of horripilation affected my concentration as I photographed the interior decked with rattan lining and hippie pillows. I thought there were paranormal anomalies in the viewfinder, but I then realized the massive amount of light peering in from the 23 windows and the open sliding rag-top, was killing my shots.

“It’s not uncommon for us to hear them, actually people have been touched here, we don’t get surprised anymore,” as Petersen interjected out of nowhere. I asked Petersen if the presence of Joe, the greasers, and Betty Boop look-a-likes were creating a stir in front of their historical landmark. “There is so much energy, (and) its giving me a headache, most of the heavy feelings were coming from the court room and upstairs in the theater,” Petersen responded as she pointed up through the sunroof. Circa 1856

I then realized that she’s actually befriending us, and taking a break from the inside of the spooky confides. As she peered in the front cabin full of over 20 pairs of sunglasses, she inquired how much this VW Bus was worth.

” …… one sold in auction for $212,000 in museum quality, everyone seems to go for the 23 window and the rag-top buses (as this one),” Joe boasted, “but for your Mike, I’ll take $75,000.”

Mike Madriaga, and his 4-Year-Old interviewing Joe Joe’s been building VWs and collecting authentic parts since he got back from Vietnam in the early 1970s.

“This took me one and a half years to build, over the years I’ve developed a personal formula on how to get them safe (to drive) to where I want to go,” Joe explained. Joe re-did the brakes, beefed up the motor with a 1776 and dual Weber carburetor, and added a freeway flyer transmission to get the power down to the pavement.

“It’s enough power to get me around, and I even drove this to Big Sur by San Francisco with no problem, I build them as a daily driver … ,” Joe was then interrupted.

” … I often wonder if the Whaleys are actually able to hear us and see whats going on, what do they think of all of this?” as Petersen looked at Joe.

Joe responded, “My wife Kathy calls this van the exploding swap-meet. I take old luggage and decoupage them (with vintage stickers) … but the ones I have on here (on top by the surfboard) are full of camping equipment and spare parts, for long trips”, just like when Thomas Whaley trekked cross country in 1849.

While we closed up shop, we asked Petersen how mysterious it felt as the spirit entered her body inside the Whaley house, she responded, while reenacting the scenario by shaking her body; “The 1st time someone walked through me, it felt tingly, almost like pins and needles, the same feeling when you foot falls asleep.”

“Did you shake like that?” Joe then gestured to the suddenly vibrating toy Hula dancer upfront.

Windows Defender Released Today – Replaces Microsoft Antispyware

Windows Defender (formally Microsoft Antispyware) Beta 2 has been released. Downloaded, installed, scanned with it, first impressions are it looks a lot nicer, cleaner simpler interface.

Windows Defender needs Automatic Update service running to get definition updates, and downloads them directly through the network connection for Generic Host Process for Win32 Services. Not sure if I like that. It scans a lot slower, especially when scanning archives. It took forever to get through my Call of Duty 2 and Battlefield 2 program folders. Those game installs are loaded with huge archive folders for maps. Only 8.4 gigs on this drive and it took 23 minutes to scan with a full system scan, spending like 22 and a half minutes on just this drive. It went through my other drive with nothing but 9.5 gigs of mp3 files very quickly. Windows Defender REALLY wants to run all the time now like an anti-virus. Even when I disable Windows Defender real time protection, which it has loads of check points for, and close the window, it leaves no icon in the tasktray, but still has two running process’s, (MSASCui.exe and MsMpEng.exe), one using 15 megs of memory and the other 5.

I, personally, don’t want it running all the time. I don’t need it running all the time. It didn’t find a single thing because I never get any spyware. I just want it to do the occasional full scan when I tell it to.

It took me a couple minutes to figure out how to shut Windows Defender down. It installs a whole new service, Windows Defender Service. Maybe if I just stop the service and set its startup type to Manual, and remove the startup entry it created too, ok rebooting to try it, ok not starting with system. Failing to start service when running it, must manually start the service. Ok I manually started the service, running ok now, must manually stop the service to shut it down again, and then end task on the 1 process it still leaves running (MSASCui.exe, using 5 megs of memory) even after shutting down its service.

I’m gonna have to manually start Windows Defender service everytime I want to use it, and then manually stop its service, and kill the extra process it still leaves, when I’m done. Cause I just don’t need it or want it running all the time if I’m gonna scan with it once a month at most.

It really wants to be integrated and run all the time. I don’t think I’ll mind when its preinstalled into Vista, but this aint Vista, and it should shut down when I want it to. Thats ok I know how to shut it down and how to get it started again when I want to use it.

Pretty impressed with Windows Defender even tho I don’t like how badly it wants to always run. Its Software Explorers thing in its Tools section, and also places a shortcut for in the windows control panel, is pretty impressive. Gives loads of info about everything, every startup item, every running process, every open network connection.

I like Windows Defender, now that I figured out how to tame it. It has no license expiration date anymore in its about box either.

What SAP Can It Do For Your Career – Training

Well prior to reflecting upon which question let’s have a discerning examination of what we are verbalizing about. When we speak about SAP, we are articulate about a universe attention personality in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. In Point Of Fact SAP is a third broadest software craving of a world, with over12000 organizations regulating SAP, carrying about 80,000 installations as good as over 12,000,000 people creation have make use of of of it. So rest positive whatsoever we are formulation to do with SAP, we are traffic with something critical as good as accurate over a years.

Primary name corporations demeanour towards SAP when they consider of revamping their IT infrastructures or to have rival worth by enabling commercial operation procession change. SAP guarantees a seamless formation of operations as good as applications opposite a board.

At Once a question comes, because we instruct to take SAP? When we speak about SAP educating it can be seen from assorted angles. You can take up SAP courses to action as a plan physical education instructor for your organization who requires to exercise SAP. Or we instruct to turn partial of a consulting organization which facilitates alternative organisations in SAP implementations. A multiform of latter could be which we instruct to turn an eccentric SAP expert as good as be a master of your own career as good as focus. SAP consultants are never reduced of work, get to transport lots as good as assign from 1000$ a day (or more).

Lets take a demeanour during abyss as good as extent of SAP so which we can investigate where we mount as good as what should be your category of processes. SAP classes can be visualized from 3 elemental views which are:

Core Business Processes SAP Vertical Components SAP Technical Courses

By scheming for SAP Business Processes we will come opposite SAP modules example,

FICO (Financial Accounting as good as Controlling) PCA (Profit Center Accounting) SD (Sales as good as Distribution) SD COM (Customer Order Management) HR (Human Resources) MM (Material Management) PM (Plant Maintenance)

SAP Verticals take on


SAP APO (Advanced Planning Optimizer) SAP BW (Business Intelligence) SAP CRM (Customer Relation Management) SAP SRM (Supplier Relation Management)

Last SAP Technical classes will display we to technical platforms example

SAP Netweaver Xi SAP Enterprise Portals SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) SAP BASIS (Business Application Software Integrated Solution)

Also we can additionally supplement flavors of SAP according to opposite attention verticals together with monetary sector, production as good as services, to call a broader categories.

Now which we have enough lingo as good as vernacular about SAP during a hands let’s try to figure out what is most suitable for you. There can’t cannot be a china bullet regulation for everyone to collect as good as take his or her modules. Your commencement indicate flattering most bets upon your own sure resources as good as goals. Your experience, set in a organization as good as incoming aspirations will fool around a critical purpose in your preference of reception SAP preparations.

For example we have believe in HR for most yrs. You have a great believe of processes concerned in HR as good as problems therein. You feel a knack for investigate organizational problems as good as can design their procession destined answers by technology, afterwards substantially we should proceed with a SAP march in HR(HCM) module. And Then once again we will have to confirm a rudimentary indicate inside HCM from sub-modules similar to Personnel Administration (PA), Personnel Development (PD) etc. Have your collect out of module(s) as good as proceed your efforts in apropos a SAP expert or Project Manager as a box might be.

Apart from picking out modules we might as good have to outlay time upon selecting an suitable educating institute. SAP itself caters trickery for which as good as additionally there is a large series of training/consulting enterprises which explain preparations for SAP. You need to demeanour for methodology, abyss of precision as good as importance upon your sure regions of interest. Besides above, cost can as good be an first determining element.

If we have a right choice of modules as good as set your march right SAP educations can supplement worth for we in conditions of apropos a estimable organisational item either we are behaving for a SAP consultancy or an organization regulating (or formulation to use) SAP.