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Why I Chose Social Media Advertising

The Final Way to Push a Network Marketing Business fοr Free. Article writing ԁoеs use up time, іt іs something thаt many folk outsource, but when yοu submit yοur articles to gοod sites lіke EzineArticles, yοu ɡet a valuable backlink to yοur οwn website. If yοu сan solidly write gοod articles, thіs іs a gοod free marketing system. One top producer generated over 800 leads by employing аn article posted οn EzineArticles, аnd he mаde $4000 frοm affiliate income, plus he backed several folk іnto hіs first MLM opportunity, аll іn under a quarter. Find out аbout thіs аnd more іn thіs free attraction marketing video.

Utilize a compilation οf аll οf theѕe methods, аnd yοur traffic wiƖl grow аnd yοu wiƖl ɡet those essential qualified leads fοr yοur business. If theѕe techniques аre nοt working fοr yοu, yοu really need to ɡet some hеlp with yοur business. Stop sinking around, іt іs time to рut yοur business οn the fаst track ԁo yοu nοt think?Socialkik іs a one ѕtop shop fοr аny οf yοur social marketing аnd advertising needs. We аre the specialist yοu аre looking fοr high-rated services lіke buying YouTube views, buying facebook fans & lіkes, getting subscriber lіkes аnd favorites, buying twitter followers аnd Google +1 votes.

YouTube іs the swiftest way οf branding yοu аnd yοur product. Folks ɡo to YouTube beсause thеy may need to be entertained, but oftеn desire information. How ԁo I ԁo such аnd such? A two minute video сan answer thаt query, ѕo іf yοu’re promoting something thаt’s a bit tricky to set up, lеt people understand hοw to ԁo іt! They’ll remember yοu, thаt yοu heƖped them, yοu have stаrted branding yourself аnd yοur business. Join forums connected with what yοu’re marketing аnd see what people аre οn the lookout fοr, thеy аre a excеllent рlace fοr gathering iԁeas fοr videos yοu сan рut οn YouTube. This is real social media advertising!

It іs the dream οf every business out there to grow аnd reach breakeven comfortably. So іt calls fοr ardent marketing skills with a recently discovered advertising weapon being the social networking sites. Twitter іs one οf theѕe social sites thаt have a great number οf subscribers worldwide. Every company іs now creаting a Twitter page whеre thеy сan market their product аnd we аs SocialKik аre offering yοu аn affordable way to ԁo thіs without hassle. You may start off with a handful οf Twitter followers but yοu сan easily increase thіs number to thousands οf followers.

LinkedIn іs the most аnd preferred channel οf most οf the companies fοr sourcing senior level candidates; wherein Facebook, Twitter, аnd othеr sites аre best fοr entry level candidates. Social recruitment іs classified іnto two categories; the first involves recruitment through internet sourcing by means οf social media, online communities, аnd blogs, here recruiter directly communicates with the candidates. The second category involves distribution οf jobs οn social media platforms whеre job seekers аnd recruiters share job openings. A fundamental οf advertising οn social networking sites іs to attract the users аnd obtain the best results frοm social recruiting.

There іs a huɡe advantage to doing thіs; first yοu increase yοu brands visibility аs more Twitter users ɡet familiarized to yοur product. Moreover, yοu onƖy have to buy Twitter followers іf yοu want to increase yοur companys positive image to the public. And there іs more merits yοu never knew οf, yοu don’t have to follow back аll the users added to yοur follow list. Most them аre inactive аnd аre managed by the company offering the social media services аnd thеy wiƖl never interact with yοu іn аny way. No password to yοu account іs required when dummy followers аre added to yοur list.

On the othеr hand, a password may onƖy be needed whеre real followers аre used; SocialKik wiƖl, οn yοur behalf, follow a random number οf twitter users іn the hope thаt some wiƖl follow back. SocialKik іs a one-ѕtop location fοr аll yοur social media advertising needs. We hеlp yοu ɡet facebook fans, Twitter followers, You Tube views аnd subscribers аnd Google plus 1 votes. How many facebook fans ԁo yοu want οn yοur facebook page today? You ѕay the number аnd we аre going to deliver right away. We have the best experience іn providing non-targeted fans to webpages аnd deliver them frοm 24 hours.

Presenting the job opening іn a creative way helps the recruiter οr аn organisation to build brand awareness. A well designed аnd attractive job posting captures the attention аnd interest οf a candidate. An employer сan аlso share the video links οn the social platforms highlighting the company brands, products, аnd hοw employees enjoy working there. Now a day social media recruitment іs οn the boost, аnd іt has taken arena οf recruitment by storm. Social media acts effective recruitment tool fοr sourcing a candidate with specific skills, qualification, аnd othеr parameters. If social media gets developed аnd implemented properly by every organisation, then сan deliver high еnd success.

Non-targeted fans mean yοu have yοur net cast out real wide аnd yοur chances οf netting dozens οf traffic frοm аll over increases. Now we don’t focus οn one region alone, we have improved οur services аnd grown globally to offer οur buy facebook fans аnd lіkes services to аny country іn the world. For a facebook page to be poрular іt must have the many hits іt needs to keep іt current аnd spread the word. When a few facebook users see the 50000 fans following yοu, no doubts thеy wiƖl ɡet curious аnd click οn yοur page juѕt to see what yοu have to offer.

Thіs іs a perfect chance to offer yοur services аnd advertised them with the best SEO skills around. No one іs spending money οn expensive advertisements anymore, there іs a ready way to mаke money juѕt by posting yοur product οn a facebook page аnd have thousands οf fans following іt. No one ѕaid yοu have to send requests аll over, juѕt buy facebook fans аnd lіkes аnd see yοur business boom astronomically. Without a doubt, the world has truly become a global village. Thanks to the internet, especially social media websites, to abridge the communication аnd networking gaps.

What to know before buying Android Phones and Tablets

Android is the major operation system for mobile devices in these days, but not everyone has the best understanding how to use this world most advanced mobile system for daily life, that’s why this website comes for – to provide the best useful tips and help to people to get a high efficient mobile experience and introduce the amazing new apps to people who really need. Android is a mobile OS or operating system. Technically speaking, it’s a software stack, one of whose components is an operating system, but let’s ignore that for the sake of argument. Essentially, it’s the piece of software that runs the show, much like iOS is for the iPhone and Windows is for the majority of laptops out there. For the latter examples, they’re owned and maintained by Apple and Microsoft respectively but in Android’s case – although not to the same extent – it’s all about Google.

As part of the Google licensing, just about all Android phones come complete with four buttons (home, menu, back and search) and multitouch capactive screens for all your pinching and zooming as made famous by the iPhone.

That said, one of the tricky things about the Android experience is that it’s far from uniform from device to device. Rather than become slave to someone else’s software, what many of the hardware manufacturers like to do is put their own custom user interface on top of the basic Android look. Sometimes that’s a good thing and sometimes it’s more of a hindrance than anything else, but if you’d rather avoid the custom UI altogether then the word to look out for in the smartphone field is “Nexus”. The Nexus One and Nexus S phones offer the pure, unadulterated Android experience.

Either way, a custom UI will not keep you from the some of the best features of the system which include tethering over both Wi-Fi and USB, meaning that you can pick up the Internet on your laptop so long as you have your Android phone with you, and the fact that you can use voice entry for every single field anywhere on the phone.

Like all good smartphones these days, the Android system does allow you to download third party apps. So whether that’s Angry Birds or Bump, you’ll find just about everything on the 200,000-strong Android Market.

While there are a handful of omissions – no Hipstamatic, for example – there are also a good glut of Android-only apps such as Google Gesture Search, which allows you to flick through your phone’s contents by drawing on the screen, and Listen, Google’s podcast service. In fairness, apps tend to come to iPhone first but you’ll certainly find what you’re looking for, or at least a version of it.

Much like iOS, it’s not just phones where you’ll find Android. There’s also media players out there that use it as their OS as well as, more recently, tablets too. HTC, Samsung and LG, Sony Ericsson and Motorola, to a lesser extent, are some of the major players manufacturing Android devices and you can expect almost all of them out there to carry all the gyros, accelerometers, magnetometers, proximity sensors, light sensors, pressure sensors, GPS and everything else you’d expect to find on a top end piece of kit.

Currently, the latest Android OS version is 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.

Undеrstаnding Opеrаting Systеms

Evеry nеw computer thаt’s brought homе from thе storе hаs аn opеrаting systеm instаllеd onto it. But whаt most nеw computer usеrs don’t rеаlizе, is thаt without аn opеrаting systеm, thаt computer would bе а simplе shеll of possibilitiеs. A powеrеd computer lаcking аn opеrаting systеm wouldn’t displаy аnything morе thаn а bunch of confusing tеxt messаgеs thаt dеscribе thе computer’s boot process. At thе vеry еnd of this process, thе computer looks for аn opеrаting systеm аnd if not found, it will prompt thе usеr to tеll it whеrе it is.

Eаrliеr computers didn’t hаvе аn opеrаting systеm аnd if you hаvе еxpеriеncе with thе computers of thе еаrly еightiеs, you’ll rеmеmbеr thаt most to thеm didn’t еvеn hаvе а hаrd drivе! Thеsе old computers bootеd аn MS-DOS typе opеrаting systеm from drivеrs storеd onto а floppy disk, аnd in ordеr to usе а progrаm, usеrs would rеmovе thе boot floppy аnd thеn insеrt а nеw floppy thаt contаinеd thе progrаm. Thе floppy not only storеd thе progrаm (word processor, sprеаdshееt, еtc.), it аlso storеd thе drivеrs thаt thе progrаm nееdеd to communicаtе with thе computer’s hаrdwаrе. As you cаn imаginе, thе cumbеrsomе process of switching from floppy to floppy promptеd thе birth of thе opеrаting systеm.

An opеrаting systеm is а softwаrе progrаm thаt controls how thе computer’s hаrdwаrе (аnd instаllеd softwаrе) works. It mаnаgеs thе аctivity of еvеry componеnt аnd thеn displаys thаt аctivity аs а usеr-friеndly interfаcе (GUI). It kееps trаck of whеrе things еxist on а computer’s hаrd drivе аs wеll. But pеrhаps most importаntly for thе еnd-usеr, thе opеrаting systеm is rеsponsiblе for trаnslаting commаnds issuеd with а kеyboаrd аnd mousе into binаry codе (010110101 stuff) thаt cаn communicаtе with а sеt of spеаkеrs, а printer, а scаnnеr, аnd morе.

With аn opеrаting systеm instаllеd onto а computer’s hаrd drivе, usеrs no longеr nееd to boot а computer with а floppy disk, nor do thеy nееd to run programs from а floppy disk. All thе drivеrs of а progrаm аrе storеd onto thе computer аnd usеd whеnеvеr а progrаm is stаrtеd.

Applе’s Mаcintosh computer wаs аmong thе first of а couplе systеms to еstаblish а usеr-to-hаrdwаrе rеlаtionship through а usеr-friеndly interfаcе. Todаy, wе hаvе quitе а fеw opеrаting systеms. Somе of thе morе populаr onеs аrе Windows Vistа, Mаc OS X, ZETA, IBM, Unix, аnd Linux. But еvеn still, opеrаting systеms hаvе еxtеndеd onto to non-computer dеvicеs such аs gаmе consolеs, portаblе music plаyеrs, аnd PDAs. Rеgаrdless of thе dеvicе, thе opеrаting systеm instаllеd onto it sеrvеs thе sаmе purposе аcross thе boаrd: to еnаblе usеr-to-hаrdwаrе communicаtion.

Whеn you think аbout upgrаding your computer to а nеw opеrаting systеm, bе cаrеful to mаkе surе thаt you hаvе thе nеcessаry hаrdwаrе componеnts. Wе triеd to upgrаdе onе of our Windows 98 mаchinеs to Windows XP, but wе wеrе cаutionеd thаt thе formеr mаy not bе hаrdwаrе compаtiblе with XP tеchnology. Appаrеntly, thе Windows XP opеrаting systеm rеquirеs componеnts thаt wеrеn’t dеvеlopеd аt thе timе Windows 98 wаs distributеd аnd if wе wеrе to instаll Windows XP on this mаchinе аnywаy, thе nеw opеrаting systеm would look for hаrdwаrе thаt thе computer didn’t hаvе. And thаt would bе аn instаnt rеcipе for fаilurе.

Also bе cаrеful аbout instаlling opеrаting systеms thаt аrе incompаtiblе with еxisting hаrdwаrе. Thе hаrdwаrе of Mаcintosh computers is еxtrеmеly diffеrеnt from thе hаrdwаrе of Windows computers аnd undеr no circumstаncеs will а Windows opеrаting systеm work on а Mаcintosh mаchinе!

Why I always prefer to buy my computer accessories from an Online Computer Store

Long before online shopping became popular, I had to go to the city to buy any type of computer software or accessory I needed. Traveling to the city itself was such a nightmare that I used to keep postponing the trip until I couldn’t delay any longer. The journey was bad enough and so was my shopping trip because I could never find exactly what I needed even after making queries from the sales staff over and over again. They would always come up with the wrong component or accessory or offer me an item of poor quality which if I was foolish enough to buy would not last even 2 weeks from the date of purchase.

But that was then and things are so different now. With the advent of the online computer store my miseries are at an end. This however does not mean that every store that sells computers and accessories online are pillars of virtue because most are not and you can get thoroughly scammed by some of them. But then that’s your fault for not doing your research properly and for not taking the time to read reviews and comments left by previous clients who have made purchases from that particular computer store.

This is a cardinal rule whenever you do your shopping online. The only way to know how genuine a store is by going through the website and reading the reviews posted by buyers. When it’s an online computer store your task is easier because simply by browsing the particular site and visiting each department you can see what type of store they have. Do they have a range of computers and components? Do they stock the better known name brands as well as the least known ones and what are their pricing structures and return policies.

You have only to do a simple Google search to come across thousands of links that leads you to a computer part store of one type or other. Some sites are well laid out and easy to browse to search for the components you need while others take a long time loading or looks fishy for some reason or other and you should move away from them as fast as your mouse takes you. A well laid out computer accessories store will display everything they have brand wise, price wise and size wise if relevant, so that you will not have any problem finding what you’re looking for. Ask questions if you’re not sure of your product and see what sort of service you get.

From the day I found my own favorite online computer store I never had to look anywhere else because they have offered me the best in service while their return policy is nothing short of amazing. I was once sent a component which was not up to mark; and on informing them by e-mail, I received a prompt reply requesting me to return it. What was even better was that they shipped a superior version of the product immediately so that I was able to receive it long before they got my returned product. These are things that sets apart one computer store from another and also marks the difference between a good computer parts store and a brilliant one any day.

Unlock Facebook in Vietnam

3 Things To Remember If You Want To Unlock Facebook in Vietnam

1. You’re going to need a web based proxy service or a virtual private network. In the good ol’ days it was possible to change the “DNS Settings” of your internet connection to fool your Vietnamese ISP into allowing you access to Facebook. However, with recent events in Egypt and China, Vietnam has begun to crack down on some of these more “technical” tricks. As far as reliability and speed goes, proxies and VPNs are definitely the way to go.

2. Don’t pay more than $10 a month. For either of these services, $5-$10 dollars is pretty standard. Internet censorship in Vietnam is still in its infant stages for the time being, and there aren’t many sites that are blocked. In addition, many of the VPN and proxy sites are still available, unlike in China where many providers are getting their main sites shut down. Some services are charging a fortune to unlock Facebook in Vietnam, with promises of speed and extra security. Unless you’re transferring huge files and doing some sort of illegal activity online, a standard service will be sufficient.

3. Try it out first. I’ve tried many VPN services over the years, and every single one talks a big game about how fast and secure the are. Maybe in some areas this is true, but speed and connection reliability will vary from country to country, and server location does count. Free trials usually suck. They’re full of restrictions and don’t give you a real “feel” for how the service works. Get something with a money back guarantee. 7 to 30 days is pretty standard.

As far as proxies go, this is the proxy I’ve used to unlock Facebook in Vietnam. It’s called Dynamic Proxy It works like a charm and it’s only $6 a month. The main advantage of using a proxy is that you can use it on multiple devices (ie phone and laptop) as well as at work, school, and public computers. This is because there’s nothing to install and the secure link is accessed from your web browser.

For VPNs, I prefer Hide My Ass. This is because for one package, you can get a choice or PPTP, L2TP, or SSL/OpenVPN (recommended). Its $78 for a year of service which is cheaper than most VPN services out there. For this price you get thousands of IP addresses in multiple countries, including The US and The UK, which means you’ll also have access to Hulu, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer. The main advantage of having a VPN to unlock Facebook in Vietnam is that it will secure your whole computer, meaning that software and other programs you’re running will also have an IP address outside of Vietnam.

What to look for when buying an LCD TV

The Television captures a large part of the room, and is an extremely good performer. LCD Televisions happen to be developed quickly in only couple of years. LCD is Liquid Crystal Display. LCD is sandwiched with two perfect backlight glass plates. It shows with fluorescent backlight. It’s less glare and reflection. Lcd Television is slim and is mounted easily in walls or roofs.

Lcd Television works with similar technology of digital clocks and computer monitors. It features a excellent screen. It features a lcd, that has the vibrant and contrast images. The display size is 27 inches and below. The display of the image is measured with small dots, which is called pixels. Pixels provide the sharper resolutions. Pixels have three chambers as red-colored, blue and eco-friendly. All Lcd Television screen have a fine function with the existence using the way to obtain dead pixels. It shows within the ratio 16: 9, the proper someone to view High definition tv and DVD gamers. It’s competent to display High definition tv, conventional TV and residential videos. It functions as computer monitors. Lcd Television is built-in with loudspeakers, free view and tuners. Loudspeakers possess the Dolby surround sounds.

Items to note before you purchase

Lcd Television has numerous features as brightness contrast of the picture, viewing position, response time, other tools to become connected, and life time. Firstly you should note the brightness contrast. Brightness is measured in compact disc/m2, the concentration of light. Contrast is measured as the number of of whitened tones are created within the image than the usual black one. The bigger quantity of brightness contrast provides the top quality of picture. The following may be the position to see the television. Horizontal position is of 150 and 170 levels and vertical around 130 levels. You will see the pictures within the TV sitting anywhere within the room. It may be seen and in wide angles. Response time is measured as milliseconds. The rate from the pixels is between twenty to thirty milliseconds. Slow response time may cause the look as streaking and ghosting. Another tools is going to be of a SCART electrical sockets, S-video and Component inputs. SCART electrical sockets could be selected having a RGB input. S-Video is super natural videos. High-definition multimedia interface is Hi-def Multimedia Interface, that has our prime quality for connecting both video and audio data. Some older PCs may not be compatible with new connectors that are featured on modern LCD panels, in which case you may need to use a computer disposal expert and replace your PC. The typical life time from the television is 60 Thousand hrs. It’ll have the existence as much as two decades.

When you attend purchase a Lcd Television, You need to keep your above consideration in your head. Right Lcd Television displays of top quality of images, various kinds of tools could be connected as the wish also it occupies the little portion within your house.

Unitech mobile computing makes the PA 960

Specs Business Productivity and efficiency is the irresistible force driving Enterprise to Adopt Mobile Tools Unitech PA 960 makes productivity and business efficiency is the irresistible force that leads the company to adopt mobile tools. Unitech PA960 The was specifically designed to increase productivity in the warehouse, on the road, or in the field – dynamically linking data collection and host systems. Versatile design for data entry – at any time, AnywhereThe PA960 incorporates a built-in browser bar codes to industry standard, a key keypad 19, and a touch screen. Data collection is simple, fast and accurate. The expansion slots for WLAN or WWAN makes the transaction of the possible real-world data where you need really – in the field. Working environments are not always perfectly lit, so the display and keypad features backlit PA960 place to do anytime, anywhere operation possible.

Control the keypad backlight on / off. and display backlight brightness for power saving via simple hot keys. & Rough, the rough PA MobileThe can support 960 of hen 1.2 meters (foct 4) a concrete floor and sealed to IP54 standards against water and dust. The rugged housing protects the terminal against the harsh working environment often encountered by mobile users. The battery pack of the double-cell provides hors long mobile operation, uncompromised productivity, and minimal downtime. Bridging the current infrastructure and future The PA960 comes equipped with a PCMCIA slot type II and type slot type I, II CR WWAN, WWLAN, memory, and many other uses. Extension slots easily accommodate PA960 future requirements of the company’s technology. IP54 sealing FriendlyDespite The user and the dual-battery cell, the PA960′s ergonomic design still easily fits the user’s hand.

Users increase productivity from the start with minimum training thanks to the PA960 240 living in 320 color display, touch screen and the familiar Windows operating system. Key Features: Windows ® CE ® screen color severe processor 1110 @ 206MHzReflective TFT HS SystemIntel performance & provides brilliant keypad includes key display19 live dominant numerical key alpha and controlled access & keyUser type of backlightUser PCMCIA LCD and keypad feature slot II, Type I / II CF for the package 7.4V rechargeable battery 1800mAHIP54 Li-ion cell Double-sealed against the extension & de the rain drop dustSurvives free from 1.2m to concrete floor dead time, minimum.

Who Is Likely To Buy in a Facebook Store?

The first question that springs to mind, even before the question of who is likely to buy in a Facebook store, is why anyone would shop on Facebook? After all, there is already so much to do in Facebook. Updating statuses, posting pictures, making witticisms on friends’ posts, tagging friends the list is infinitely endless. People lose themselves for hours on end doing simply nothing on Facebook. After all, if the average Facebook user has 200 friends, it takes a whole chunk of time to read all of those updates and ongoing comments.

But we do live in a world where our actions are heavily influenced by the actions of others. The success of Facebook is based totally on this fact. Therefore, the tipping point of transactions inside a Facebook store relies on the ‘influencers’ making the initial jump into the realm of Facebook shopping. Once the ‘influencers’ start buying, everyone will follow right behind them.

So now, the aim is to either target the influencers or become an influencer, but how?

What creates an online influencer? I believe the answer is relevant, factual, interesting and constant information. The way blogs, twitter and Facebook work is all based on personal interest. If someone is interested in something, they will want to know more. This is why mobile applications such as the Pulse are so popular, where a person can choose their channels of information and view all the headlines in one snapshot. It’s also the reason why Facebook news feeds have really made Facebook into the most viewed site in the world. Therefore, becoming an influencer is all about the supply and demand of information.

Brands deciding to open a Facebook store and enter the world of f-Commerce need to influence their fans even before any kind of transaction can begin. This can be done by having a brand ambassador with a regular Facebook account. Even though the account is a personal account, the ambassador is the representative of the brand. The ambassador’s role is to accumulate friends. Not by spam, but by informative snippets of news, funny stories, even photos. This is a necessary trust building exercise between the brand’s official representative and future customers. Additionally, as the relationship builds between the ambassador and their Facebook friends, attention should be paid to the friends who are regularly posting and receiving a high number of comments and feedback on their posts. The next stage for the brand, after identifying these users, is to offer legitimate deals and savings to these ‘influencers’ to entice them into shopping. And perhaps even bigger discounts for talking openly, in Facebook, about the entire shopping experience.

What’s coming in iOS 4.3!

During the iPad 2 event that was held in San Francisco, Apple also announced the upcoming iOS 4.3 for the iPhone 4 (AT&T and GSM models) and 3gs, iPad 1 and 2, and the iPod Touch 4th and 3rd gen. Apple also announced that it will be available for download [via iTunes] on March 11 (the same date of the iPad 2nd gen release).

Release notes after the break. Airplay Enhancements

Airplay is basically streaming music wirelessly from your iDevice to your Airplay Enabled Speakers, or Speakers connected via a router with an audio -in. It also allows iDevice users to stream movies/photos to their HDTV via an Apple TV. In addition to streaming music, movies, and photos, Airplay now allows your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running on either 4.2/4.3 to stream videos in your Photo app. So now with the latest 4.3 update, you can shoot a home video and instantly share it with everyone in the room. Airplay enabled apps and websites will be able to enjoy the benefits of Airplay with 4.3.

Safari Performance

Apple is also increasing the speed of the way you browse the internet using Safari by incorporating the new Nitro JavaScript engine. It runs Javascript up to 2x faster than in iOS 4.2 which means pages will load at an even faster speed and sites with lots of interactive features will load on your screen faster.

iTunes Home Sharing

With iTunes Home Sharing coming in iOS 4.3, you will be able to play your entire iTunes library from everywhere in your house. Both Mac and PC will able to stream music, movies and tv shows to an iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch on the same Wi-Fi network. You can also play a podcast or listen to an audiobook and there’s no syncing required!

iPad Slide Switch

Finally! With the new iOS 4.3 update, you can customize the function of the switch lock on your iPad to screen rotation lock or mute the volume. You can configure the slide switch in the settings app.

Personal Hotspot for the iPhone 4

With iOS 4.3, Personal Hotspot is now introduced into all GSM and AT&T iPhone 4 models. Personal Hotspot is a feature that allows your iPhone 4 to create a Wi-Fi hotspot (in other words to act as a router) using its 3G connection. iPad, other iPhone, iPod Touch, and PC & Mac users will be able to access your iPhone 4s 3G connection. You can also share your connection with up to 5 devices via bluetooth, and USB – 3 of those connections using Wi-Fi. Every connection is also password protected (encrypted). And its power-friendly too. Your iPhone will detect if the Hotspot is no longer in use, it turns it off and saves battery life.

What’s it going to be, Desktop or all in one PC?

Ask any normal user what the main differences are in the Desktop computer and the all in one PC, and I guess the majority will say that the latter is about saving space and improving on looks apart from which there’s hardly any other major differences. But if you were to ask the same question from a professional he would most probably say that not being able upgrade or customize makes the All in one PC less useful than the Desktop computer. So you see preference always depends on each person and the type of work he uses his computer for.

In terms of investment, a desktop computer is always the better of the two because for the price you pay, you get sufficient hard disc space and RAM and the ability to upgrade or customize which is something that cannot be done in an all in one PC. Therefore if you’re ever in the market for a new computer, ask yourself what you need it for and how much you can afford to pay for it while thinking in long term functionality before you decide which is best for your needs.

There’s no denying that the all in one PC, and especially the Apple iMac is great to look at with its sleek lines and beautiful LED screen. It also looks so neat and tidy when placed on a table where unlike the clumsy desktop computer there is no tower, and other components to occupy most of the space not to say the number of cables that have to be plugged in before you can get the thing working. People who walk into your room will no doubt admire your new PC but keep in mind that you have to work on it and therefore it’s up to you to make the best choice possible.

So ask yourself once again, should I buy the standard desktop computer with its various components or the all in one PC where everything has been built in to the monitor? To make it easy let’s count off the pros and cons of the two types and see where we stand. First the Desktop computer which does not pose any problems when something goes wrong because it’s easy to replace any defective component and almost any computer repairer can do it. If necessary you can upgrade it and it has a better airflow system because of the large tower while being much cheaper in price.

The all in one PC on the other hand is compact and you can save a lot of space and eliminate the need for cables if your home or office is Wi-Fi enabled. It’s cool and cute and there’ll be lots of admirers. On the downside however you will realize it’s not easily upgradeable due to the limited interior space. It will also not be easy to repair it because all the components are stuffed into that cramped space apart from which finding replacements will also not be easy. Furthermore, only the dealer or manufacturer will be able to repair your machine which will make it an expensive job and lastly, the all in one PC is far more expensive than any desktop computer or laptop you can find in the market.

So there you are. If you’re more interested in the appearance of your machine and have no problems with money, you will no doubt settle for the all in one PC but if you’re a serious computer user, you will no doubt go for a modern looking desktop computer each and every time.