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Utahns for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (UTADP) is a statewide coalition of both secular and religious organizations and concerned individuals dedicated to stopping executions in our state. We welcome you to join us in this goal. Recognizing that some organizations and individuals who have serious misgivings about the death penalty in Utah may not be ready to call for an end to capital punishment just yet, we also welcome those individuals and groups, secular and religious, who seek a moratorium on the death penalty and the establishment of a commission to study its many disturbing facets.


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Statement of Ralph Dellapiana, Director, Utahns for Alternatives to the Death Penalty, on failed repeal of death penalty in Utah (3/10/16) “The death penalty is being eliminated everywhere around the country and the progress made on the bill this year shows that it will soon be repealed here in Utah too.  The death penalty wastes millions of dollars and almost never results in executions. And, it harms the families of victims when cases drag on for decades because their wounds are re-opened again and again and they never have closure.”


ACLU of Utah Reactions: No Death Penalty Repeal this year (3/10/16)

Responses from Coalition Member Organizations to Failed Repeal of Death Penalty in Utah (3/10/16)

Salt Lake Tribune: Death penalty survives in Utah (3/11/16)

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Yahoo News: Utah legislator abandons push to end death penalty, but attempt is telling (3/11/16)

CBS News: Utah lawmaker ends push to abolish death penalty (3/11/16)

VICTORY! Utah Senate gives initial OK to death penalty repeal (3/1/16)


TAKE ACTION: It’s Time to End the Death Penalty in Utah! (3/1/16)


Trib Talk: Senate to debate capital punishment (2/29/16) Anna Brower of the ACLU of Utah and Utah Eagle Forum's Maryann Christensen join Jennifer Napier-Pearce to discuss Sen. Steve Urquhart's bill to end capital punishment, which cleared a Senate committee last week.

Op-ed: Utah should shine its moral light and end the death penalty (2/25/16)

The Washington Post: Why one Utah Republican changed his mind on the death penalty — and is leading the effort to abolish it (2/26/16)


Libertas Institute: The High Price of Retribution: A Case for Repealing the Death Penalty in Utah (1/8/16)

SL Tribune: Sen. Urquhart wants to abolish Utah's 'broken' death penalty (2/9/16)


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